jean-Sylvain Lapouge, Painter
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Painting landscapes of mountains, cliffs, ice, snow, glacier oil painting and watercolors

The mountain is a continuous spectacle. According to the time, the season, the weather, she can be welcoming, magic, magnificent, crushing, threatening, dramatic even gloomy. For a long time, the mountain has above all been for me an adventure field; she let me test my limits. My taste for climbing attracted me to her like a magnet. The mountain taught me lots of things, including the changeability of chance, the fragility of life and also the incredible human’s resistance. The mountain is a goddess, in the terrible sense that the ancient Greeks used to give her, one day she can make you incredibly happy, but the next can chop you up finely, your life is in her hands. Like every self-respecting goddess she deserves the best paintings. 

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paysage montagne crétoise
lac de montagne- japon
Landscape of high mountains in the Alps, oil painting

The mountain in Crete
Oil painting landscape
15F - 25.5 x 21.2 in.
Price on request

Mountain lake- Japan
Watercolors 18.8 x 7 in.
Réf.: A-mountain lakes - japan- 001
Price on request

high mountains in the Alps (the Drus)
Oil painting landscape
15P - 25.5 x 19,6 in.
Réf.:H--High mountains-001
Price on request
dessin, montagne
aquarelle falaise en ardèche

Mountain landscape
pencil drawing

Cliffs Ardeche - France
Watercolors 8.6 x 11.8 in.
Réf.: A-cliffs-ardeche-001
Price on request




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