jean-Sylvain Lapouge, Painter
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paintings of rocks and minerals, caves, oil paintings, watercolors and drawings

The mineral world, the rocks, the stones seem eternal to us; the geological times are beyond comprehension. Rocks are the witnesses to the times where man did not exist yet, where no organic life existed on Earth, they give us the vertigo of eternity. The first men who erected megaliths weren’t fools, we still wonder about their mysteries. Rocks live at their own pace, by watching them a long time enough, it happens sometimes that they talk to us and reveal some hidden treasures. The mineral world is also underground; it is the origins’ world, the chthonic world which terrified the ancients.

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tableau à l'huile rochers-visages
aquarelle falaise en ardèche

Rocks - petrified faces
Oil painting landscape
15P : 25.5 x 19.6 in.
Private collection

Cliffs in Ardeche - France
Watercolors 8.6 x 11.8 in.
Réf.: A-Cliffs-ardeche-001
Price on request

dessin montagne

Mountain landscape
pencil drawing





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