jean-Sylvain Lapouge, Painter
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Paintings of American landscapes, oil painting and watercolors

Not being a fan of big modern cities, once again I turned myself towards nature to find my topics. The National Parks, the Grand Canyon, the Far North, everything in America seems to be bigger. The spectacle is actually imposing; there is in fact an America full of great spaces where the mind is confronted with a wild world unknown in Europe. And there are the Americas, Central America and South America, their ancient cities lost in the jungle or clutched onto dizzy mountains which remind us of the fact that entire civilizations can disappear. It’s with emotion that I think of all those Amerindian people whose lifestyle has almost disappeared despite the wisdom it could have brought to us.

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Themes : Trees, forest - Streams, lakes, rivers - Skies, clouds - Mountain - Desert - Seascapes, coral - Mineral, rocks - Plants, flowers, Cities, architecture - Paris - Villages, countryside - Greece - Europe - Asia - Africa - Americas - People, characters - Animals - Myths, legends, fantasy