jean-Sylvain Lapouge, Painter
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Landscape paintings of cities, ancient and modern architecture, oil painting and watercolors

In the towns, the architecture tells us the story of men. Their settlement, their monuments, theirs palaces, their cult places are accounts of the society which built them, of the dreams which haunt them. The urban landscapes are essential in our environment, but the city feverishness, the stress of modern life, stop us to take the time and contemplate what is about us. You often just have to raise your eyes above the cars to see wonders.

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aquarelle Maison à colombages
aquarelle, vieille rue de Courpière
tableau ville le soir

Half-timbered houses,
City Courpière - Auvergne - France
Watercolors 7.8 x 11.8 in.
Price on request

Old Street in the city of Courpière - Auvergne
Watercolors 7.8 x11.8 in.
Réf.: aqua-Courpière-002
Price on request

The evening in the modern city
Oil painting landscape
8F - 18.1 x 14.9 in.
Réf.: H-Paris-soir-001
Price on request
aquarelle, abbaye de Royaumont
aquarelle, passerelle Simone de Beauvoir, Paris
aquarelle, gare de Lyon, manches à air

Abbaye de Royaumont - Oise- France
Watercolors 11.8x15.7 in.
Réf.: A-Abbaye de Royaumont-001
Price on request

Bridge Simone de Beauvoir - Paris
Watercolors 11.8x15.7 in.
Réf. A-Bridge simone de Beauvoir-001
Price on request

Gare de Lyon -Paris
Watercolors 7.8 x 11.8 in. Réf.: A-Gare de Lyon-002
Price on request



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