jean-Sylvain Lapouge, Painter
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Paintings of desert landscapes, oil painting and watercolors

The deserts of sand, rocs and ice, fascinate the traveller both for their inhospitality as for their beauty. This world is not made for man, yet it attracts some irresistibly. I discovered the Algerian’s Sahara and more precisely the Hoggar some years ago; I still keep a dazzled memory. It’s par excellence the world of solitude and contemplation. It is not a coincidence that the hermits from time immemorial isolated themselves there to meditate.

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aquarelle du désert du Sahara
aquarelle, désert du sahara

Dunes and rocks in Sahara-001
watercolors 7.8x11.8 in.
Ref. dunes-sahara 001
Price on request

Dunes and rocks in Sahara-002
watercolors 7.8x11.8 in.
Ref. dunes-sahara 002
Price on request






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