jean-Sylvain Lapouge, Painter
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African landscapes , oil painting, watercolors and drawings

Africa, the birthplace of humanity, deserves another image than the one of its fratricide wars. A magnificent Africa exists, a fraternal Africa telling us about our origins. When the sun rises on the Kilimanjaro or goes down on the Rift Valley, the spectacle transports us to the beginning of mankind and the great adventure that awaits. The cultures, the African arts which influenced so much the artists of the early 20th century usually come from animism. The spirits of the forest, of the savannah, are still present in Africa, my role as a painter is to show it. Hoping that generations of children will still be able to dream about lions, elephants and the sumptuous African fauna.  

Paintings of African Landscapes - Page 001

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aquarelle du désert du Sahara
aquarelle, désert du sahara

Dunes and rocks in Sahara-001
watercolors 7.8x11.8 in.
Ref. dunes-sahara 001
Price on request

Dunes and rocks in Sahara-002
watercolors 7.8x11.8 in.
Ref. dunes-sahara 002
Price on request






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