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Paintings of Trees and forest

The trees, the forest, are the topic of this page.

The forest has most probably been the original environment of man, so that when I go for a walk in the forest, I often think about our ancestors with a certain nostalgia and catch myself dreaming about a wilder life. I also think about that this forest, destroyed by modern man relentlessly, is still such indispensable to our survival as a species. The tales, the Indians’ and trappers’ adventure stories of my youth come back to me and I feel how much this forest, those trees are rooted in my affective memory. I instinctively feel that deep inside me the wood’s runner from the earliest times is not far below the varnish of civilized man. A strange feeling of both joy and fear always overcomes me when I go into the depths of the forest which has kept all its spells that I like to share with you in painting.   


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Orée de forêt, aquarelle
forêt sapins, aquarelle, tableau
Aquarelle, forêt de Hêtres, Chichkine

Edge of the forest - after Yvan Chichkine
Watercolors 11.8 x 15.7 in.
Rèf.: A- forest-Chichkine-001 Collection of artiste

Fir forest - after Yvan Chichkine
Watercolors 9.8x14.9 in.
Collection of artiste

Beech forest - after Yvan Chichkine
Watercolors 11 x 13.3 in.
Rèf.: A- forest-Chichkine-002 Collection of artiste
aquarelle, arbre et rivière
lac du bois de Boulogne, aquarelle

Hiker in the woods
Watercolors 11.8x17.3 in.
Ref.A-Hiker in woods-001
Price on request

Tree roots along river
Watercolors 11.8x17.3 in.
Ref.Tree and river-001
Price on request

Lake in Bois de Boulogne, Paris
Watercolors 11.8x17.3 in.
Ref.A-Bois de Boulogne-001
Price on request

aquarelle, sous-bois, soleil d'automne
tableau paysage foret en automne

Autumn sun
Watercolors 8.6x11.8 in.
ref.: A-autumn-sun-003
Prix on request

Autumn in the Bercy parc
Oil painting landscape
20F 26.7x23.6 in.
Réf.: autumn-parc--001
Price on request

Lights in the woods
Watercolors 8.6x11.8 in.
ref.: A-lights in the wood-001
Prix on request

aquarelle racines arbre
paysage de forêt en automne, aquarelle
aquarelle pin Vincennes
The roots of a giant tropical tree
Watercolors 11,8x15,7 in.
Réf.: A-tree-003
Price on request
Undergrowth in autumn
Watercolors 8.6x11.8 in.
ref.: A-undergrowth-autumn-002
Prix on request
A large pine lakeside park Vincennes
Watercolors 11,8x15,7 in.
Réf.: A-tree-002
Price on request
aquarelle foret sous la pluie
aquarelle soleil forêt enneigée
lumières en forêt d'auvergne, aquarelle
Forest after the rain
Watercolors 11.8x17.3 in.
Ref.puddle in the forest-001
Price on request
Sunrise in forest landscape
Watercolors 8.6x11.8 in.
Réf.: A-sun-forest-001
Price on request
Lights in the forest in Auvergne.
Watercolors 11.8x17.3 in.
Ref. Lights in forest-001
Price on request
watercolors, tree trunk
promenade en forêt, aquarelle
tree trunk
Watercolors 8.6x6.6 in.
réf.: A-trunk-tree-001
Price on request
The trunk of an old tree in Auvergne
Watercolors 11,8x15,7 in.
Price on request
Walk in forest after the rain
Watercolors 11.8x17.3 in.
Ref.walk in forest-001
Price on request
aquarellle, arbres et soleil
autumn landscape, watercolors
aquarelle paysage de forêt
Trees and sun
Watercolors 8.6x6.6 in.
Réf.: A-sun-trees-001
Price on request
Autumn Landscape
Watercolors 8.6x11.8 in.
Price on request
Road lined with trees in the forest
Watercolors 17,9x 7 in
Ref.: A road lined wwith Trees 001
Price on request

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